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'I am the ghost on your battlefield… the flash of light before your untimely Death.'

- Shieve, The Arbiter of Bone

Sideshow presents the Shieve: The Pathfinder Premium Format Figure. Shieve is a character from Sideshow's original dark fantasy horror property, the Court of the Dead.

As Arbiter of Bone, it is Shieve's role to wander to mortal realm alone, anticipating battlegrounds where large quantities of mortal souls might soon be dispatched. Once she is certain that she has found such a place, Shieve plants her staff like a beacon, calling down all the reapers in the Underworld to come and collect the mortal souls - and the precious ethereal energy within them. Thus, Shieve helps Death pays his tithe to the corrupt overlords of Heaven and Hell. One day, Death will rise up and end the celestial war.

Until then, Shieve: The Pathfinder Premium Format Figure stands as a scout in Death's reaper forces, forever seeking the next well of ethereal energy. At the base, a turquoise tendril of etherea rises up from underneath the scattered skulls at her feet. Her ghastly robes drape down over her curdled form. Only her gnarled hands with blackened-bluish flesh protrude from the robes to carry two remarkable artifacts: her archaic scythe, TruthFinder, and her lantern, the LongFinger Beacon.

Shieve has fastened a rope around her goat horns in order to rest a secondary jaw beneath her goat skull. Gnarled horns and mangled ribs collected from many a creature line her back and form the armor atop her cloak. Artifacts collected from the battlefield hang from her horns and from her armor.

Find your path when you add Shieve: The Pathfinder Premium Format Figure to your collection.

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