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As a member of Clan Kryze led by the legendary Mandalorian Bo-Katan, Axe Woves fights alongside her and Koska Reeves in their quest to regain control of Mandalore. During their mission on the planet of Trask, they proved to be a formidable team fighting together with Din Djarin to seize the Imperial cruiser.

Expanding the popular The Mandalorian collectible series, Sideshow and Hot Toys are pleased to present the Axe Woves 1:6 Scale Collectible Figure inspired by the acclaimed Lucasfilm series!

The Axe Woves collectible figure features a detailed Mandalorian helmet and armor with weathering effects, skillfully tailored under-suit, a jetpack with booster fire effects, a blaster pistol, a themed display stand!

Complete your Nite Owls team by adding the Axe Woves collectible figure to your Star Wars collection!

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