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''Now you know why they call me Dirty Harry: every dirty job that comes along.''

Sideshow presents the Harry Callahan Sixth Scale Figure, joining the Clint Eastwood Legacy Collection as a celebration of the actor’s extensive career in film.

Based on Clint Eastwood’s appearance in the action-thriller film Dirty Harry, the Harry Callahan 1:6 Scale Figure features a carefully crafted portrait with the actor’s iconic scowl, perfect for staring down the criminals in your collection. This essential neo-noir antihero also wears a custom-tailored fabric costume including a shirt, pants, a burgundy vest, a striped tie, a belt, a herringbone jacket with elbow patches, and a shoulder holster that fits beneath the jacket.

The Harry Callahan 1:6 Scale Figure is articulated to allow for numerous display options utilizing the accompanying additional hands and accessories. Callahan comes prepared for the job with a police badge, a wristwatch, and a .44 magnum pistol which fits into his shoulder holder. The figure also comes with seven hands in total, including a pair of fists, a pair of relaxed hands, a right pistol-holding hand, a left pistol-supporting hand, and a right hand for holding his badge. Pose this police inspector in dramatic and dynamic stances to recreate your favorite movie moments on your shelf.

You’ve gotta ask yourself one question - if you feel lucky, be sure to bring home the Harry Callahan 1:6 Scale Figure from Sideshow’s Clint Eastwood Legacy Collection today.

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