Three Kingdoms: Five Tiger Generals - Deluxe Zhao Yun V2 1:4 Scale Statue - Infinity Studio

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Zhao Yun is one of the most well-known characters in ancient Chinese history.

He was a fierce general under the warlord Liu Bei during the Three Kingdoms period, and he played a significant role in the establishment of Liu Bei’s state. His most famous battle was the Battle of Changbanpo, he not only protected the only heir of Liu Bei, Liu Chan-who was an infant at that time-out from millions of enemy army but also protected citizens who moved out of the city with Liu Bei.

Traditionally, Zhao Yun was portrayed as a general who has a handsome face, riding a white horse, using a spear, and a sword taken from Cao Cao as a trophy during the Battle of Changbanpo.

His weapon Dragon Courage Silver Spear accompanied him during his entire military career, another weapon was a sword called Blue Steel Blade Sword that once belonged to Cao Cao, carried by Cao Cao’s entourage. It was taken from Cao Cao as a trophy during the Battle of Changbanpo. He was well-known for his courage and highly skilled strength in many countries.

The Deluxe Edition comes with an infant A Dou, Zhao Yun's War Banner and 3 commemorative coins of Ma Chao, Zhao Yun and Zhang Fei.

Deluxe Edition of 300 pieces.

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