Despicable Me: Master Craft Gru's Car Statue - Beast Kingdom

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From the animated film 'Despicable Me', we bring you the deeply loved fatherly villain Gru preparing to board his personally outfitted vehicle to launch another attack!

Beast Kingdom presents the latest masterpiece from the world-renowned Master Craft series. Based on the popular film 'Despicable Me', this piece portrays Gru with the Grumobile. In the film, this special vehicle helmed by Gru contains an array of technologically advanced equipment and weaponry. Naturally, the massive rocket that propels the Grumobile to top speed in a matter of seconds is presented in perfect detail. As always, the exquisite craftsmanship of the Master Craft series is on full display. The product is handcrafted with great attention to reproducing Gru and his vehicle as they appear in the film. The Grumobile sits on a platform that has received the same attention to detail as the vehicle. Collectors who love the Despicable Me films will surely want to do great things together with Gru. Add this to your collection today!

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