Disney: Master Craft Tuxedo Mickey Starry Night Version Statue - Beast Kingdom

Productnr.: BKMC008SP



Mickey Mouse, the most iconic Disney character in history is back in Master Craft glory, ready to impress fans the world over! The iconic character, first brought to the world in 1928 has become the official mascot of Disney, and all the Disney properties, even having his own Hollywood Walk of Fame star!

Beast Kingdom’s ‘Entertainment Experience Brand’ proudly launches the latest MasterCraft high-end statue for fans of Mickey. This special edition release brings to life the Starry Night Tuxedo Mickey, with a unique pearl light effect. The hand-made, professionally painted, one of a kind release is limited to only 999 pieces worldwide, making this one collectors piece not be missed. The MC-008SP MasterCraft statue is for fans of only the very best in collectable designs.

Special Features:
• Starry Night Special Edition
• Manual injection molding, with professionally graded paint
• Exclusive iron set plaque
• Limited to 999 sets worldwide

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