DC Comics: Justice League - Wonder Woman Action Figure - Beast Kingdom


DC Comics: Justice League - Wonder Woman Action Figure - Beast Kingdom

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1/9 scale Wonder woman action figure (approximately 18.5cm tall). Up to 24 points of articulation. Highly detailed, life-like head sculpture replicating the intensity of Diana, the warrior princess.

Apparel: Utility harness. Interchangeable hands. One (1) pair of fists. One (1) pair of relaxed hands. One (1) pair of clenched hands for holding a sword and/or shield.

Weapons & Accessories: One (1 )Alloy Sword of Athena. One (1) Wonder Woman's Shield. One (1) Lasso of Truth in normal/relaxed position. One (1) Lasso of Truth in attack position.

Exclusive action figure stand.

Experience Beast Kingdom's latest reimaging of the classic DC super heroine: Wonder Woman.

The all-powerful, wise goddess has grabbed everyone's attention on screen and in the comics with her breath-taking visage of wisdom, strength and beauty!

Based on the latest Justice League Wonder Woman portrayed by Gal Gadot, the 1/9 scale action figure faithfully recreates the on-screen heroine in all her glory, fighting for justice with grace and beauty.

The character's agility, speed and classical outfit are accurately recreated using the official Warner Brothers 3D scans of the actress.

Don't miss out on the chance to own an amazingly detailed replica of the famous Amazonian warrior princess!

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