Terms and Conditions



Twilight Zone is registered with the Chamber of Commerce Rotterdam under number 24426469 and is located at Spuiweg 92 in Dordrecht, the Netherlands.


Article 1 - Applicability of conditions


These terms and conditions apply to all agreements that you conclude with us, even if third parties are or must be involved in the implementation. By ordering you agree to the terms and conditions.


Article 2 - order and conclusion of the agreement


a. There is an agreement when we send an order confirmation. This will be sent after we have received a fully completed order form from you (via the website) or when we have accepted your order by telephone or in the store. The order is not valid if we cannot unambiguously determine your permanent residence or place of residence.


b. In individual cases, we can refuse an order or impose additional conditions without further motivation.


c. You only have to pay for pre-orders for new items on our website when they have actually arrived at us. A deposit may be required for special collector items, normally this is requested for orders above 100 euros, as a rule Twilight Zone can deviate from this rule at its own discretion. The amount of the down payment is 15%. This will not be refunded after cancellation of the order.


Article 3 - Prices and payments


a. All prices are expressed in Euro and include sales tax (VAT).

b. We reserve the right to charge the correct price in the event of errors in price publications.

c. Payment can only be made according to the payment methods mentioned below:

- Pick up at our store; via Pin, via in shop bank transfer or Cash payment (Orders must be picked up within 14 days after they are placed)

- online PayPal and Credit Card payments

- Ideal

- Transfer to our Bank account. (Possibly after delivery of an invoice)

International Codes for money transfer to our Bank account are:

IBAN: NL02INGB0673904865




d. Payments must be made within 14 days. For Paypal payments, the date of the Paypal transfer applies.


e. An order will be delivered when the payment has been received by us.


f. We reserve the right to pass on price increases if there are changes between the time of the offer on the website and your order with regard to; exchange rates, shipping costs, etc. As a result of these price increases, you are entitled to cancel your purchase free of charge and without further explanation.


Article 4 - Retention of title


We remain the owner of the delivered items until the purchase price has been paid in full.


Article 5 – Return and/or exchange


a. You are entitled to return the items in their original condition within 7 working days after delivery without giving any reason. This should be packed in the same way as in which they were delivered. The shipping costs of the return shipment are for your account. We will send a confirmation of receipt of the return by e-mail.

An amount already paid by you will be refunded to your account within 14 days after the actual return of the items.


b. Items can be exchanged within 7 working days after delivery of the items. The items must be returned in their original condition and packed in the same way. The shipping costs of the return shipment are for your account. We will send a confirmation of receipt of the return by e-mail.


c. After the period of 7 working days you can no longer return your purchase and you will still owe the full purchase amount. It is up to you to demonstrate that you have exercised your right to return in good time. We therefore recommend that you ensure that you are in possession of a delivery note, proof of postal delivery or a similar document.


d. Under no circumstances can you return an item in the following situations:

- The article is no longer complete or is damaged;

- The article does not contain all items enclosed by the manufacturer;

- The item is not in the original, undamaged packaging.


e. Some collector items can not be returned. These are custom-ordered items that have been ordered especially for you. In this case, personal agreements are (were) made, and we cannot accept returns.


Article 6 - Transfer of risk


The risk of loss or damage to ordered items passes from us to you at the time of legal and/or actual delivery.


Article 7 - Liability


a. We are not liable for the consequences of incorrect or incomplete information coming from manufacturers, about the items supplied by us.


b. We are not liable for any damage or delay in delivery of your order caused by force majeure. Force majeure means in any case:

war or similar situations, riot, sabotage, boycott, strike, occupation, blockade, illness of seller's personnel, failure of suppliers and/or carriers of seller, government action (including a foreign government) such as a transport, import or production ban, natural disasters, bad weather, lightning strike, fire, explosion and release of dangerous substances or gases or intervention by God.


c. It is not permitted to use or deploy the articles for commercial purposes in any form whatsoever. Under no circumstances will we be liable for any claims from licensee(s) of the articles in case of violation.

d. Twilight Zone is in no way liable for incorrectly provided address and/or contact information by customers, and the loss of orders in the post as a result. You are responsible for filling in your details correctly.


Article 8 - Privacy statement


We comply with the Personal Registration Act and will only use your data for the processing and administrative processing of the order. Your data will not be provided to third parties, unless there is a compelling reason to do so.


Article 9 - Disputes


In the event of a dispute, both parties must make every effort to reach a solution in mutual consultation. We nevertheless reserve the right to submit the dispute to the competent court according to the law.


Article 10 - Applicable law


a. Dutch law applies to every agreement between us and you as a buyer. The Vienna Sales Convention is expressly excluded.

b. In the event of an explanation of the content and purport of these terms and conditions, the Dutch text shall always be decisive.