Avatar: The Way of Water - Neytiri 1:10 Scale Statue - Iron Studios

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The main hero from Avatar in a new statue by Iron Studios!

Above a wave on top of rocks, colorful corals, and submarine creatures, with agility and elegance, the brave and relentless Na’vi warrior jumps above the waters of Pandora, pulling the string of her longbow, ready to shoot an arrow as big as a spear to the human invaders. With her long braided black hair and her slender body with striped, blue skin covered by simple clothes and tribal ornaments of her clan, she stares at her target with her big yellow eyes. Presented firsthand at CCXP 2022 'Neytiri BDS - Avatar: The Way of Water - Art Scale 1/10', is the first statue by Iron Studios from the science-fiction epic in its so-awaited sequel on the big screens.

In the year 2148, Earth’s resources are quickly running dry, and the Resources Development Administration (R.D.A.) starts to explore the reserves of a precious mineral called Unobtanium in Pandora, one of the Moons of Polyphemus in Alpha Centauri. For this mining operation, the R.D.A. employs former soldiers and marines as mercenaries. Pandora is inhabited by the Na’vi, the 9 feet tall humanoid natives with blue skin, tails, and bones reinforced with carbon fiber, that live in harmony with nature and worship Eywa, their goddess of life. Incapable of breathing in the atmosphere of Pandora, and due to many conflicts with the Na’vi, the humans have created the Avatar Program, where they’re mentally linked through neural connections to hybrid genetically modified human-Na’vi bodies. Jake Sully, a former marine and paraplegic, seeking the money to pay for surgery that could heal his spine, goes to Pandora to take the place of his deceased twin brother in the program because of their genetic similarities. In his Na’vi Avatar, he’s saved by Neytiri, a princess from the Omaticaya clan. Jake ends up getting involved with the Na’vi and receives the mission of convincing the clan to leave their Hometree, which is located over an immense reserve of Unobtanium. However, he falls in love with Pandora, its culture, and lifestyle and joins the clan beginning a relationship with Neytiri and rebelling against his military superiors. Neytiri is the future Tsahìk, the spiritual leader of her clan. She falls in love with Jake and confirms her love under the Tree of Voices. Years after, Neytiri and Jake formed a family while wandering the expanded world of Pandora, finding new allies in the Metkayina clan, but everything changes when the R.D.A. invades once more to finish what they’ve started.

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