Labyrinth Statue 1/6 Sir Didymus & Ambrosius Statue 16 cm - Weta

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Within a small hut, next to the only exit leaving the foul Bog of Eternal Stench, there resides a small yet gallant fox-like knight along with his trusty steed, a large albeit cowardly sheep-dog. The Knight is charged with guarding a bridge, vowing that without his permission "None shall pass."


Sarah, Ludo, and Hoggle, seeking escape from the fetid Bog of Eternal Stench, happen upon a lone stone bridge. Before they can flee the Bog's relentless odour, a shrill voice calls out to them "Stop! Stop I say!"


Product features:


- 1:6 scale, Limited Edition of 700 worldwide;

- Portrays the gallant knight Sir Didymus on his cowardly steed Ambrosius;

- Physically sculpted by Weta Workshop sculptor Jane Wenley;

- Incredible details, from intricate filigree to minute buttons;

- Clutching his mighty baton, raised in triumph;

- Ambrosius wears a uniquely designed blanket;

- Perched upon the cracked stonework that makes up the infamous Labyrinth;

- Made from high-quality polystone.


Dimensions: 16 x 16 x 24 cm


Limited Edition of 700 pcs worldwide.

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