The Dark Crystal - Landstrider 1/6th Scale Statue - Weta

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The Dark Crystal - Landstrider 1/6th Scale Statue


Tall, elegant beings, Landstriders sipped nectar with long tongues; their thread-like whiskers and twitching ears ever alert for signs of danger. Gathering in small herds, they could defend their young with powerful kicks from their rigid legs, but a Landstrider’s greatest defence was its speed. On open ground a Landstrider could run like the wind, covering vast distances at a tremendous pace.


In their quest to heal the Dark Crystal, Jen and Kira called upon a family of the long-legged creatures to help ferry them cross the vast desolate wastes surrounding the Skeksis castle. The Landstriders also defended their Gelfling riders, bravely battling a horde of slave-bearing Garthim despite being outnumbered. Courageously they fought, lashing out with kicks and thrashes until the odds overcame them, buying Jen and Kira the time they needed to free the Podling captives and escape.




1:6 scale;

Limited Edition of 440;

Pays tribute to the swift and looming mounts of the Gelfling;

Sculpted by creature expert Kim Beaton;

Base environment filled with a variety of flora and fauna from the world of Thra;

Made from high-quality polystone.


The three different sized circular bases across our 1:6 scale Dark Crystal range represent the Three Suns in the skies of Thra; the dying sun, rose sun, and great sun. Familiar iconography from the floor of the Crystal Chamber is featured around the outside. Spy the symbols of the urSkek, which have since been appropriated as signs of discord and Skeksis aggression.


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