Game of Thrones: Oathkeeper Red Damascus Book Version 1:1 Replica - Valyrian Steel


Game of Thrones: Oathkeeper Red Damascus Book Version 1:1 Replica - Valyrian Steel

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Nor I, my lord,'' said the armorer. ''I confess, these colors were not what I intended, and I do not know that I could duplicate them. Your lord father had asked for the crimson of your House, and it was that color I set out to infuse into the metal. But Valyrian steel is stubborn. These old swords remember, it is said, and they do not change easily. I worked half a hundred spells and brightened the red time and time again, but always the color would darken, as if the blade was drinking the sun from it. And some folds would not take the red at all, as you can see. If my lords of Lannister are displeased, I will of course try again, as many times as you should require, but - '' ''No need,'' Lord Tywin said. ''This will serve.'' ''A crimson sword might flash prettily in the sun, but if truth be told I like these colors better,'' said Tyrion. ''They have an ominous beauty . . . and they make this blade unique. There is no other sword like it in all the world, I should think.'' ''There is one.'' The armorer bent over the table and unfolded the bundle of oilcloth, to reveal a second longsword. Tyrion put down Joffrey's sword and took up the other. If not twins, the two were at least close cousins. This one was thicker and heavier, a half-inch wider and three inches longer, but they shared the same fine clean lines and the same distinctive color, the ripples of blood and night. Three fullers, deeply incised, ran down the second blade from hilt to point, the king's sword had only two. Joff's hilt was a good deal more ornate, the arms of its crossguard done as lions' paws with ruby claws unsheathed, but both swords had grips of finely tooled red leather and gold lions' heads for pommels. ''Magnificent.'' Even in hands as unskilled as Tyrion's, the blade felt alive. ''I have never felt better balance.'' ''It is meant for my son.'' Oathkeeper Red Damascus Details Blades: High carbon damascus steel, red and black patina treatment Hilt: 24k gold plating, matte finish, antique wash. Grip: Red leather wrap Plaque: Silkscreened fiber board. Includes mounting hardware. Overall Length: 45 inches. Blade Length: 35 inches. This is the exclusive officially licensed Oathkeeper from ''A Song of Ice and Fire.'' All swords come with a certificate of authenticity personally autographed by George R.R. Martin. This is a limited edition of 2500 pieces and each item will be engraved with the edition number.

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