Terra Formars Sylvester Asimov statue By Tsume

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Scale 1/6. Limited edition: 500 pieces

Tsume is proud to introduce its brand new Terra Formars creation with this Sylvester Asimov HQS by Tsume statue.

Sylvester Asimov is a Russian member of U-Nasa and his genes have been modified so that he can have the power of Tasmanian king crab. As one of the strongest members of the Annex I mission, we wanted to show him using his abilities to their max, transformed thanks to the M.O. operation. We show the superhuman strength of this character by representing the latter who strangles a Terraformars.

Artistic Direction : Cyril Marchiol, Cyril Farudja

Concept art : Tsume

Sculptor : Pierre Marie Albert, Olivier Sam

Technical engineering : José Ku Chio Lu

Painters : Eric Jolivalt, Michael Gros, Guillaume Hemery

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