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For thousands of years the Amazons have survived on an island called Themyscira. They were created when the Greek gods rescued the souls of every woman who had been slain by a man, however one soul was left behind. This soul would become the essence of Queen Hippolyta's daughter, Diana, who was given beauty, wisdom, love, courage, strength, and the power of flight as gifts from the gods. Diana, or Wonder Woman is as stunning as Aphrodite and hits harder than Hercules. The Princess of Themyscira fights for hope in an unjust world, a testament to her people and her abilities.

The inspiration for this monumental statue comes from our artist's intrigue in real life heroes. 20th Century war memorials such as George Hart & William Trethewey’s Citizens' War Memorial, along with the work of Alfred Gilbert are the main sources of vision for this Museum Line Wonder Woman 1:4 Scale Statue. It offers a realistic representation of these classic Superheroes. The material adopts a look which is timeless, and one that has been used since the times of Ancient Greece. The overall presentation of Wonder Woman in her Golden Armor eternalizes her, and the morals that she employs.

This Museum Line Wonder Woman 1:4 scale statue is licensed by DC and stands at 54cm tall. It is crafted from Polystone and is textured to resemble monuments that are held in museums across the globe. Wonder Woman is wearing her Golden Armor and is holding her Lasso of Truth in her right hand. She is stood upon a plinth, like that of an Ancient Greek statue or bust.

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