Medusa 1:3 Scale Maquette - Toynami

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In 2016, Elite Creature Collectibles presented the Medusa Bust, the first female character designed and created by Steve Wang for ECC's Transformotion line and the centerpiece of ECC. That bust was received with critical acclaim. Now, five years later, they have recreated the Medusa.

The tail design of the Medusa maquette is inspired by the Siren, a Greek mythological creature. The Siren was originally depicted as half-human and half-bird, but later it evolved into a two-tailed mermaid. The latter has become a veritable cultural symbol, as seen in the iconic Starbucks logo.

Integrating Classical Greek style with new forms of artistic expression, Elite Creature Collectibles is proud to present their 1:3 scale Medusa maquette.

- Attractive Art Nouveau-themed 'Myths' display base
- Cast in high-quality, translucent resin for a lifelike skin effect
- LED glowing eye effect. Acrylic teeth
- Each Certificate of Authenticity is signed by Steve Wang
- Limited in production to 299 units worldwide

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