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Elven Archers, the masters of the bow, lined up behind Lord Elrond and King Gil-galad as powerful ranged attack support at the battle of Dagorlad Plain. Every fully trained marksman had learned the esoteric archery which the elf race passed down for many centuries, and each of his moves of drawing bow and firing arrows is with tremendous accuracy.

His exclusive weapon the Elven longbow was about the same height as the archers, its length gave them the greatest shooting range to take down the enemies far away. And its hardness also allowed the archers to eliminate many of their foes long before they were in a position to return fire.

The best army in Middle-Earth has formed up!! Come to fight along with Elven Archer and he would be your most dependable backup (Elven Archer will have the spear and shield as well).

Add to your Lord of the Rings Collection today!

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