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''Introduce a little anarchy.''

Sideshow presents the Agent of Chaos Fine Art Print by artist Kevin McGivern. This chilling DC art envisions a world that's always smiling.

One clown, two clown, red clown, blue clown. Men in stiff suits parade through the streets of Gotham City, and they're taking up every single square inch of space they can get. Each citizen wears a Joker goon mask to signify their allegiance to anarchy. The Joker - the mad dog at the center of it all - faces forward while pulling back his own white plastic mask. In doing so, he reveals his messy makeup and enigmatic facial scars. Do you want to know how he got them?

Inspired by The Dark Knight (2008), directed by Christopher Nolan, this Batman artwork is now available to fans as an unframed giclée print or in a custom framed presentation. Each Agent of Chaos Fine Art Print features an authorized, automated artist signature and an embossed Sideshow Seal of Authenticity as part of the limited edition of 400 pieces.

Upset the established order when you bring home the Agent of Chaos Fine Art Print by Kevin McGivern today!

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