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''I must be the light that drives back the shadows.''

Sideshow Art Prints presents the Vengeance of Vampirella Fine Art Print, an enthralling comic book art print by artist Ben Oliver.

Tender flesh and crimson blood - the daughter of Drakulon must feed. Ben Oliver captures Vampirella in a hypnotic state of bliss in this breathtaking portrait that is both sinister and seductive, perfectly befitting the bloodsucking bombshell. With her dark hair draping her shoulders, a scarlet trail dripping from her fangs, and her signature costume on display, Vampi looks simply irresistible against a solid gold background. Love her or fear her, this vampiric vixen will overshadow your dreams.

Originally created as a cover for Vengeance of Vampirella #4 (2020), written by Thomas Sniegoski for Dynamite Entertainment, this comic book collectible is now available to fans in a fine art format. Each Vengeance of Vampirella Fine Art Print features an authorized, automated artist signature and an embossed Seal of Authenticity as a part of the limited edition of 350 pieces. Available unframed or in a custom framed format, this print is a must-have for fans of this pulp horror icon!

Quench your thirst and welcome the Vengeance of Vampirella Fine Art Print by Ben Oliver into your collection today.

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