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''Is he man or monster … or is he both?''

Sideshow Art Prints presents the Hulk Legacy Deluxe Fine Art Print, a monstrously detailed Marvel Comics art print by artist Kael Ngu.

From the moment Bruce Banner was first exposed to gamma radiation, the Incredible Hulk has shaken the Marvel Universe to its core — and not just with his thunderous fists. Kael Ngu pays homage to the ever-evolving Jade Giant with the Hulk Legacy Deluxe Fine Art Print, which captures key eras from the character's comic publication history. On the left, witness the Hulk's origins as Dr. Banner first transforms into his angry alter ego. In the center, the mean, green giant smashes puny foes with his larger-than-life anger. Finally, on the right, Gladiator Hulk and his son Skaar stand against the danger and hostility of the planet Sakaar from the celebrated Planet Hulk series. Altogether, these scenes create an explosive overview of the strange case of Bruce Banner and the Hulk.

Each Hulk Legacy Deluxe Fine Art Print features an embossed Sideshow Seal of Authenticity and is numbered as a part of the limited edition of 250 pieces. This collectible Hulk artwork is available as an unframed giclée on certified archival Fine Art Paper or with custom framing that includes a double mat design, framing grade acrylic, and a wire hanger for ease of display.

Collect each individual era from this triptych in an HD Aluminum Metal Art Print presentation for even more super hero art options in your collection. Browse Kael Ngu's The Hulk Origins, The Incredible Hulk, and Planet Hulk prints from Sideshow Art Prints, each sold separately.

His incredible strength practically radiates off the print! Transform your Marvel artwork collection and bring home the Hulk Legacy Deluxe Fine Art Print by Kael Ngu.

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