Rainbow Ice Cream Unicat Snow Globe - Soap Studios


Rainbow Ice Cream Unicat Snow Globe - Soap Studios

Productnr.: SOAPZS002



Snow globe is considered as warm, sweet and romantic. While this palm-sized snow globe with a Unicat inside is very playful. The Unicat, combining the features of unicorn and cats, has white long fur with a rainbow tail and a yellow unicorn showing its elegance. While the blue sharp eyes indicating its capricious attribute. Yet, take a closer look, it turns out making rainbow ice-cream. The full amount of triangular colored paper pieces that gently fluttering, like a colored rain, which is especially delicate and cute. 'I Don't Care! I'm Unicat' engraved on the base tells how tsundere Unicat is. As a professional poop-picker, I am always willing to clean up the poop or the rainbow ice-cream from my master.

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Verwachte binnenkomst Q1 2020

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