Rick and Morty: Throne of Loneliness Snow Globe - Soap Studios

Productnr.: SOAPCA320

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Rick is arrogant when he gets along with others to cover up his loneliness hidden from his heart. He is depressed when he is sitting on his toilet throne and looking at the deserted planet. To perfectly bring you the classic appearance of this scene, Soap Studio has inserted all these elements into a snow globe. This snow globe can be presented in different ways by placing the 4 complimentary blocks to form the stairs at different positions. The detailed and delicate design of Rick and the toilet bring the realistic scene in front of you. When you shake the snow globe gently, the sequin inside the globe is floating and liven up the surroundings of Rick, giving a contrast against Rick’s loneliness.

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Verwachte binnenkomst Q1 2023

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