IT 2017: Normal Pennywise Defo-Real Soft Vinyl Statue - Star Ace

Productnr.: SA6004

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15 cm Soft Vinyl Defo - Real Series Statue

License : IT (2017)

Star Ace is proud to introduce a new series of collectibles - the Defo-Real Series (DF). Standing 15-25 cm tall, these soft vinyl statues feature accurately sculpted, oversized heads on realistic bodies in dynamic poses. Characters from modern horror movies are particularly suited to being represented in this format and Star Ace looks forward to bringing you your favorites.

The DF Pennywise is about 15 cm (6 inches) tall and comes in 3 different versions. The Normal version is the standard smiling expression with him holding a red balloon. The Scary Version DF has Pennywise has his head transformed into a huge gaping mouth full of teeth. The Scary Version with Light DF Pennywise has a light coming out of his huge gaping teeth-filled mouth.

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