Wonder of the Wild Series: Woolly Mammoth 2.0 with Infant Winter Version Statue - Star Ace

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An extremely limited new release of the Woolly Mammoth 2.0 will feature snow decoration on the animals and base to recreate these majestic creatures in the cold environment of the last Ice Age. Sculpted by renowned animal sculptor, Sean Cooper, this polyresin mammoth statue features this prehistoric creature and child on a base representing her natural habitat.

The Woolly Mammoth or Mammuthus primigenius roamed much of the Northern Hemisphere as recently as 4,000 years ago. Standing approximately 3 meters tall and weighing over six tonnes, this elephant ancestor was an important resource for early humans. This polyresin statue of the Mammoth is 33cm long and stands 22cm tall. She is depicted with her young calf on a diorama base of a rocky outcropping covered in snow. This all-new sculpt has been painted by the Japanese artisans at X-Plus.

Only 150 pieces of this variant will be produced, and it will quickly become a much sought after collector’s item!

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Verwachte binnenkomst Q3 2023

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