Wonders of the Wild Series: Spinosaurus 2.0 Statue - Star Ace

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Star Ace’s 'Wonders of the Wild' series has a new version of the Spinosaurus, the largest carnivore of the early Jurassic period. It was like the Tyrannosaurus Rex except for a longer snout and large spine protrusions, indicating that it would have had a large sail-like feature on its back. This version is based on recent discoveries that the Spinosaurus had shorter front arms than previously thought. This dinosaur may have been as long as 15 meters and weigh over 13 tonnes. This version features a new color scheme and depicts the dinosaur on land.

Famed dinosaur sculptor Sean Cooper has recreated this amazing ancient creature based on the fossil evidence. This unique paint job depicts the creature as he may have been on land, after devouring his prey. The polyresin base is habitat diorama featuring the remains of another creature. This polyresin statue has been hand painted by the artisans at Kaibutsuya and is 32 cm long. It is mounted to an environment base with a name plate identifying the scientific name and habitat.

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