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Bela Lugosi starred in the 1932 movie ''White Zombie,'' the first movie made about the walking undead. He plays ''Murder'' Legendre an evil voodoo master who compels innocents to do his bidding. He controls others by drugging them and using a wax doll to force their obedience.

Star Ace’s 1:6 scale collectible figure of ''Murder'' Legendre features an authentic likeness of Bela Lugosi. His faithful costume features a black cloak and hat and he comes with a wax doll of his victim.

The Black and White version includes the Black and White color version head and costume, this is a special edition for 90th anniversary and will include 1:1 scale ring for this special edition.

The 1:6 scale Bela Lugosi (Murder Legendre) (Black and White ver.) collectible figure features:
- 1:6 scale (approximately 30 cm tall) with over 30 points of articulation.
- Fully realized authentic likeness of Bela Lugosi as ''Murder Legendre'' in the movie ''White Zombie'' (1932). The portrait is specially hand painted and features detailed Black and White color skin texture and accurate facial expression.

- One (1) portrait with serious expression

- One (1) Body with over 30 points of articulation

- One (1) pair of open hands
- One (1) pair of hands for hypnosis gesture
- One (1) Left hand for holding candle carving
- One (1) right hand for holding knife
- One (1) right relaxed hand

- One (1) White shirt
- One (1) Tie
- One (1) Tuxedo
- One (1) Pair of trousers
- One (1) Cloak
- One (1) pair of socks
- One (1) Silk scarf
- One (1) Pair of boots

- One (1) Hat
- One (1) wax zombie doll
- One (1) knife
- One (1) Crow (Small)

Additional Accessories for Deluxe version:
- One (1) 1:1 scale Ring for 90th anniversary special edition

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