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“Haven't you heard? Everyone's been calling me Diruku Tin Mao, the Demon King, the Most Powerful Man in Japan! But you can call me... Lord Joker!”

When Batman, his sidekicks, and villains are transported back in time to Feudal Japan, Joker becomes warlord and rules the land as Lord Joker. Without his modern technology, Batman and his allies must take on the powerful crime lords using only the weapons available.

Based on Takashi Okazaki’s unique design, this 1/6 scale Lord Joker figure features his Feudal Japanese outfit and period appropriate accessories – such as bombs and razor-edge fans.The deluxe version comes with a rifle and an elaborate diorama base with a gunpowder barrel ready to explode.

The 1/6th scale Joker (Batman Ninja) collectible figure features:
- 1/6 scale body (approximately 30 cm tall) with over 30 points of articulation.
- Fully realized authentic likeness of Joker in the animated movie Batman Ninja (2018). Each head is specially hand painted and features detailed skin texture and an accurate facial expression.

- One (1) Joker (Batman Ninja) Smiling Expression

Hands – Interchangeable Seven (7) / Eight (8) hands including:
- One (1) Left hand for holding bomb
- One (1) Left hand for holding bomb remote controller
- One (1) Right hand for holding bottle gourd
- One (1) pair of hands for holding fighting fans
- One (1) pair of hands for holding sword & scabbard
- One (1) Right hand for holding gun (Deluxe version only)

- One (1) dark purple shirt
- One (1) Green vest
- One (1) Boutonniere
- One (1) Purple jacket
- One (1) Pink trousers
- One (1) belt
- One (1) Scarf
- One (1) Pair of purple shoes

- Two (2) Razor-Edged Fighting Fans
- One (1) sword with tassel
- One (1) Scabbard
- One (1) Bottle Gourd
- One (1) Poison flower bomb
- One (1) Bomb remote controller
- One (1) Long Gun with Flag (Deluxe version only)
- One (1) Gunpowder barrel & lit fuse(Deluxe version only)

- One (1) Figure stand with clip (Normal version only)
- One (1) Diorama base with clip (Deluxe version only)

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