The Dark Knight Prop Replica 1/1 The Joker-Clown Mask 36 cm - Queen Studios

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Cinemaquette is proud to present in conjunction with Queen Studios, the Joker-Clown Mask Prop Replica.

The opening six minutes of Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight Batman is both gritty and intense. We see five masked villains make their way into Gotham National Bank to pull off a daring robbery. 5 men entered, but after a series of double-crosses only one man would leave, and that man later relieved himself as The Joker!

Queen Studios artists have carefully crafted this movie accurate 1:1 life-size prop-replica based on the "Bozo" mask worn by The Joker in The Dark Knight (2008). This limited edition collectible prop is made of polystone and includes straps on the rear, as well as a display base. The mask would be the perfect addition to your collection, and can also be worn for cosplay, although we recommend that you don't wear it for your next heist!

Size: 26 x 26 x 36 cm

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