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**Due to limited quantities, please contact your sales representative for inquiries on this product.**Chun Li has taken part in the World Warrior tournament since its introduction in Street Fighter II, and her claim to be the strongest woman in the world is no mere boast! Trained from childhood to be a great warrior, few, save the god-like M.Bison, could stand against her in hand-to-hand combat “Chun Li is one of the most iconic characters in the Street Fighter series” says PCS President Jerry Macaluso, “ When we began designing her for our 1:3 Street Fighter line, we knew we were taking on a great challenge. Those who follow the hobby closely know this 30" tall (76cm) collectible has been in the works for over a year with updates being posted on our Instagram and Facebook."Following the tradition of Ryu and Akuma, Chun Li was personally sculpted by Jerry Macaluso, who spent months sculpting and resculpting until he captured her essence. “We began with Chun Li’s most recognizable look, Classic Qipao, which is the blue outfit she’s worn since Street Fighter II,” continues Macaluso. “Re-creating that dress was no small feat, but we are lucky to have some of the most talented costumers in the business working with us for months, and it really shows in the amazing details on this piece, such as the embroidery.” Several iterations of the qipao were produced, trying a number of different techniques and materials before finding the right combination to make Chun Li look as if she had just stepped right out of the game.

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