DC Comics: Dark Knight 3 The Master Race - Batman and Robin Dead End Ultimate Version Statue

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''All the people I’ve letting you live.''

Prime 1 Studio is proud to present a statue born out of the rarest comic book cover from the Dark Knight III Master Race, joining our Ultimate Premium Masterline Series: Batman & Robin Dead End Ultimate Version.

The original cover was drawn by none other than Master Illustrator and DC Creative Chief Officer Jim Lee himself. Prime 1 Studio has taken upon another great challenge to recreate Jim’s thrilling cover. Surely, the sculptors and painters have outdone themselves once again to fully capture the grim mood of Frank Miller’s Dark Knight Universe!

Just under 17 inches tall, this diorama packs so many details as it recreates such an impactful scene of the series Batman, suffering from a stab wound, the Joker finds himself cornered deep within the Tunnel of Love, Gotham authorities at his tail. Alongside the Dark Knight is his trusted sidekick Carrie Kelley in her Robin suit, trying to escape from the GCPD’s arrest, as the Joker’s murder would be pinned onto Batman.

The Ultimate Version has floated in the water the Joker’s corpse, having laughed his last laugh after breaking his own neck. He may be dead, but his expression of pure ecstasy persists even after death, as for him, he has succeeded in making Batman lose control of his very own morals. This version also comes with an additional head bearing a different expression which allows you to choose and display it to your liking.

Once you lean in closer, you notice the level of expertise that the artists have mastered to realistically render every different texture on this piece: his reinforced fabric of the Batsuit, the rugged leather of the cowl, the torn and battle-damaged cape, Robin’s ethereal hair, the trouble surface of the water, the stalagmites and the Joker’s hysterical facial complexion.

Describing this Ultimate Premium Masterline piece as breathtaking is a huge understatement!

Pre-order now to immortalize this fitting tribute to the survivability of Batman!

Product Specifications:
• Statue Size approximately 17 inches tall [H:43cm W:48cm D:61cm]
• Tunnel of Love’s dead-end designed theme based with Joker
• Two (2) swappable Batman portraits

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