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'Thy next foe is... A giant canopy soars to the heavens... The anger of the sleeping giant shatters the earth...'

Prime 1 Studio is proud to announce the Shadow of the Colossus, The Third Colossus Statue!

Shadow of the Colossus has been released in 2005 for the PlayStation 2. In 2018, the remake of this extraordinary game has been made for the PlayStation 4.

The Third Colossus is also known as Gaius, because of this resemblance of a knight. Gaius is one of only three colossi that wield a weapon, the other two being Valus and Argus. To defeat the Colossus, Wander require to find the weak point which is marked by a Magic Sigils glowing symbols on the body of the colossus. The sigils are always found on a part of the colossus that has fur. We recreated a very realistic and stunning piece of the Third Colossus.

P1SUDMSC02: The First Colossus is beautifully crafted with impressive details and features LED Light-up function on the head. The Exclusive Edition includes the white-tailed lizard statue.

A must-have piece for all Shadow of the Colossus fans.

Product Specifications:
Statue Size approximately 22 inches tall [H:55.7cm W:47.6cm D:53cm].
White-tailed lizard statue size approx. 5 inches width [H:2.9cm W:13.3cm D:6cm] (Exclusive Version).
LED light-up function on head.
One (1) specially designed base.
One (1) white-tailed lizard statue (Exclusive Version).

The exclusive version can only be ordered until 15-4-2020.

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