Hatsune Miku: Hatsune Miku Deluxe Version 1:4 Scale Statue Art by neco - Prime 1 Studio

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Brought to you from the popular illustrator neco, comes a 46 cm tall voluminous rendition of Hatsune Miku.

neco is an artist who has been active in both the character design and illustration worlds. With their usual touch of elegance, they have created this towering depiction of the most popular Japanese virtual singer.

Made with neco’s ever-charming signature dark-lined expressions, combined with subtle colors and lines to create an innocent contour that pairs well with Hatsune Miku’s mature-like gaze. The costume as well as the articulated portrayal of shading and texture have been meticulously crafted with a fixation on every minute detail. From her necktie pin to the gauge engraved on her sleeve, only a statue crafted at such a large size can feature precise details like these. Even the 01 on her skin has been elegantly depicted. With closer examination, one can notice the multiple layers of gradation that have been represented, including her light skin color.

The Deluxe version of this rendition of the songstress also features a specialized synthesizer-shaped base. This includes an 88-key keyboard, a clear monitor featuring recorded lines, as well as 2 impressive speakers. The exquisite details crafted in polystone refer to many of her most famous songs. This piece contains great use of stylish symmetry, featured in the making of Miku’s twin tails as she sits in the center of the piece, as well as the 2 large speakers and pink cables. Once you buy this statue, you can fully enjoy every refined piece of this design to your heart’s content.

Hatsune Miku ''Art by neco'' is the perfect representation of neco’s sensibility as an artist, containing the highest level of figurative expression possible. This one is for all of the virtual singer fans around the world. Don’t miss out on this one-of-a-kind large-scale statue!

Product Specifications:
• Specialized synthesizer polystone base

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