Date a Bullet Prisma Wing PVC Statue 1/7 Queen 29 cm - Prime 1 Studio

Productnr.: P1SPWDAB-02P



'From the anime series ''Date A Bullet,'' Queen has been made into a figure!

After an endless battle royale, this mysterious girl appeared before Kurumi Tokisaki. Her elegant presence, superhuman abilities, and complex inner persona are beautifully captured.

Posed with her saber, the figure showcases her graceful curves and noble demeanor. The white military uniform is meticulously crafted, featuring a swirling skirt, natural shading with soft purple hues, and glossy boots, all with delicate paintwork that provides a rich texture. Her expression, visible through her translucent twin tails, is just like the anime. Her blue clock-face eye, porcelain skin, and enigmatic smile all exude her signature characteristics.

Following the release of ''Kurumi Tokisaki,'' Queen has joined the PRISMA WING series so you can recreate this fateful encounter with the counterpart from the Neighboring World in your collection! ''

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