Street Fighter Ultimate Premium Masterline Series Statue 1/4 Cammy Deluxe Version 55 cm

Productnr.: P1SPMSF6-01UT



'We found ourselves, now we fight to defend our newfound lives''

Prime 1 Studio is very proud to present the next addition to the Premium Masterline, the long-awaited 1:4 scale PMSF6-01UTS Cammy Ultimate Bonus Version from Street Fighter 6!

With the arrival of the sixth installment of one of the world's most legendary fighting games, Prime 1 Studio is delivering you yet another jaw-dropping 21 inches piece of art, this time around featuring none other than Cammy White, a fierce member of the British special forces of Unit Delta Red. Over the years, she's become a beloved and enduring icon in the Street Fighter series, and we are thrilled to be bringing her to life.

Cammy is meticulously crafted in her brand-new look, featuring her new civilian outfit, gone is the iconic leotard, she now wears a bright cropped blue jacket with the Union Jack, the flag of Great Britain painted on the back, and a midriff-baring crop top and tight, stretch fabric workout leggings, still ready for combat if the need arises, as represented with her crimson gloves. As always, our sculptors and painters go to great lengths to texture and paint every inch perfectly. The base features the cobblestone streets of Britain, featuring LED illumination - and let's not forget Cammy's cat, who always seems to be lurking around after each victory!

The Ultimate Version takes this already stunning statue to a whole different level. We are adding a full swappable bust for Cammy, featuring her with crossed arms as she stretches and gets ready for an encounter. A separate stand features special effects that can be placed behind her, as well as a bust stand. The base also featured a variant of the ''6'' logo.

When you order the Bonus Version from our official online store or any authorized distributor, you will also receive a cool logo stand featuring graffiti of her name.

This beautiful Cammy statue is a must-have for any Street Fighter enthusiast. Pre-order the PMSF6-01UTS Cammy Ultimate Bonus Version now, while quantities last, and let Cammy's indomitable spirit inspire your collection!


- Statue Size approximately 21.6 inches tall [H:55cm W:38cm D:32cm]
- Effect Wall Size approximately 24.1 inches tall [H:62cm W:49cm D:12cm]
- Street Fighter 6 themed base
- Two (2) Swappable Bust (Normal & Folding Arms)
- One (1) Bust Stand
- One (1) Effect Wall
- LED light-up function on base

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