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“The world cannot be changed with pretty words alone”

Prime 1 Studio is extremely proud to present the next entry to our Concept Masterline Series: none other than the Eleventh Prince of the Holy Britannian Empire, introducing the 1/6 scale CMCGR-01 Lelouch Lamperouge from Code Geass Lelouch of the Rebellion R2!

Lelouch Vi Britannia, now also referred to as Lelouch Lamperouge has adopted the persona of Zero, the cunning leader of the Black Knights! Zero and the Black Knights are the very Symbol of Rebellion for Japan, vowing to fight back against Britannia’s oppression. They are now at an all-out war as Lelouch masters his Geass, the Power of Kings. Under the masked guise of Zero, Lelouch will rely on his genius-level intellect and strategic brilliance to rally his people to victory against his father’s reign.

Our talented artists at Prime 1 Studio bring you this majestic piece of art, perfectly showcasing our handsome and charming prince in all his elegance, capturing the essence of Lelouch Lamperouge’s mysterious and sophisticated character!

At 17 inches tall, Lelouch uses his power of absolute obedience as his left eye manifests the red and vivid Geass sigil, commanding anyone to lock eyes with him. He wears the high-collar black and crimson cape, as he holds his mask in his right hand, both items contributing to the aura of strength, rebellion, and hope, allowing Zero to conceal his identity as he fights for justice against Britannia. His left arm is outstretched as he is often seen doing in the series as he throws out his commands, his elegant posture, gestures, and expressions adding to his high level of charisma and confidence. Lelouch wears his royal blue and gold attire, accentuating his slender physique, and reflecting his intellectual prowess rather than physical strength. The base features a rocky sculpture, and a carefully carved angelic wing spreads behind his back, making him as imposing as ever!

Pre-order the CMCGR-01 Lelouch Lamperouge statue now and bring the Rebellion to the warmth of your home, whether you are a Rebel or just want to expand your anime collection! But be careful not to stare into his eyes for too long, as you might lose control to the power of his Geass…

- Statue size approximately 17 inches tall [H:44cm, W:43cm, D:22cm]
- Code Geass-themed base

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