Banjo-Kazooie: Bee Banjo Statue - First 4 Figures

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First 4 Figures proudly presents their latest resin collectible, Bee Banjo!

One of the many transformations Banjo-Kazooie undergoes in the original game is turning into a buzzing bee in the Click Clock Wood level. In this bee form, Banjo can freely fly around the springtime section of the level without having to use red feathers—a very useful power-up!

The base of Bee Banjo replicates the skull button that Banjo-Kazooie has to step on for Mumbo to perform his transformation magic on the duo.

• Bee Banjo includes:
• High-quality resin statue of
• Banjo-Kazooie in bee form
• Swirling blue and yellow Mumbo magic
• Skull button replica base
• Limited edition numbering and authentication Card

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