Elegance Beauty series: Limited Edition Satire on Fair Ladies 1:5 Scale Statue - Infinity Studio

Productnr.: OVINSTIFAS0008

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Satire on Fair Ladies is the second product in Elegant Beauties Series, it is designed by Infinity Studio founder Rocky L.
This is a beauty who walks alongside of water, holding a peony in her hand, walking with split steps, full of aesthetic feeling which is ethereal and elegant.
This statue was inspired by the painting Beauties Wearing Flowers and dance Satire of Fair Lady. Rocky L not only recreated the abstract lines of cloth in the classic figure painting, but also shaped the realistic face of the Oriental Lady.We prepared two versions of the base, a round base for the elite edition and a transparent water effect base for the limited edition. The transparent water effect base was inspired by one of Du Fu's Satire of a Fair Lady, the weather's fine in the third moon on the third day, by the riverside so many beauties are in an array. Limited to 999 Pieces.

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