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Icons is the newest Iron Studios line, composed of statues of the most famous dinosaurs from Jurassic Park and Jurassic World, in miniatures over stylized pedestals with the movie logo, thoroughly presenting the same realistic details in their anatomy and painting as seen in their larger-scale statues. A new collection that shall add even more collectors, bringing an affordable, cost-effective format, both in price and in physical space, impressing with their richness in detail and standard of quality and excellence, which are trademarks of Iron Studios

In a study project about the intelligence of the Velociraptors, Blue was created by InGen with military purposes alongside her sisters Charlie, Delta, and Echo. Named like that thanks to the blue strip with a white outline on her back, introduced in the movie Jurassic World (2015), she was the only survivor of her pack. Known for being stubborn, but faithful to her trainer Owen Grady, she demonstrated being capable of expressing emotions like affection, pain, and empathy. Reencountering Owen years later, when he was requested to rescue her in the abandoned Isla Nublar threatened by a volcano, Blue was hurt, captured, and taken to the continent alongside other dinosaurs for an auction, but she managed to escape and settle in the mountains of Sierra Nevada, where she had a baby named Beta through asexual reproduction, due to the Monitor lizard’s DNA used in her creation. Iron Studios bring the statue 'Velociraptor Blue B - Jurassic World - Icons', the second version in the collection of one of the most expressive and striking dinosaurs in the franchise, with the character in a motion pose, watchful and focused on anything out of the ordinary in her territory.

Introduced in a preview with their prototypes at SDCC 2022, more Jurassic news from the Icons line were revealed in detail on the monthly show Inside Iron Studios Day on YouTube. Already available for Pre-Order, check out also the other Icons statues of Jurassic Park like the Dilophosaurus, two other different versions of Velociraptor (A and B), and from Jurassic World like T-Rex, Compsognathus, and the Velociraptor Blue in another version by Iron Studios. Soon more dinosaurs from Jurassic Park and Jurassic World will come to expand this collection which already has the approval of fans and collectors.

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