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Iron Studios reveal their new statue of the Pegasus Cloth!

In front of the translucent image of the mythological winged horse that gives name to the constellation that burns his cosmos and gives him his power, the fearless and relentless young Saint advances with his right fist clenched, ready to use his powerful attack with his secret technique Pegasus Meteor Fist. Over the concrete ruins of an ancestral temple, Iron Studios proudly present their statue 'Saint Seiya Pegasus Seiya Deluxe Art Scale 1:10', with the main Bronze Saint with a sculpture of his avatar with LED lights, adding to the composition of a diorama set with the 5 main Bronze Cloths, with Cygnus Hyoga being the first statue presented.

Iron Studios also bring the statue in the version 'Saint Seiya Pegasus Seiya Regular Art Scale 1:10', with the base formed by the ruins of an old temple, with the floor smashed by the strength of his left leg that boosts his right fist attack, covered by a layer of transparent blue energy, also reproducing his secret technique Pegasus Meteor Fist, but without the set with his avatar in the shape of a mythic winged horse.

Pegasus Seiya is the main protagonist of the manga and anime series Saint Seiya. Protected by the Constellation of Pegasus, he is one of the Bronze Saints entrusted with the mission of defending the goddess Athena in the Wars of the 20th Century, protecting justice and peace on Earth. Seiya is also the reincarnation of the Bronze Saint Pegasus Tenma and the First Pegasus saint, the first man to harm the god Hades in mythological times. An impulsive warrior, generous and loyal, Seiya never gives up fighting in any situation, no matter how hard or impossible it might seem. His sense of justice and love by his friends appear in each one of his battles, and his mercy and worry extend even to his enemies. The son of unknown parents, he was trained by the enigmatic Silver Saint Eagle Marin, because they are both from Japan. With her, Seiya learned all the necessary fighting techniques and the mysteries that surround the source of his powers, called Cosmos. Six years after Seiya arrived in Greece for his training, after defeating the 9 Saint candidates, his last combat would be against another apprentice called Cassios, who believed the Cloth could only belong to a Greek. Cassios shows a stance of superiority to Seiya and doesn't see him as a worthy rival. However, to everyone's surprise, Seiya prevails during the entire fight. Cassios attacks but is hit by the secret technique Pegasus Meteor Fist and is defeated. The Grand Master recognizes Seiya as a Saint and gives him the Pegasus Cloth. As a warning, the Grand Master tells Seiya that the armor has been a symbol of justice, and, as such, should never be used for personal reasons. Seiya is skillful in hitting his adversaries with multiple punches, thanks to his great nimbleness. After saving Athena, Seiya and his friends still face Gemini Saga in a last battle, being able to hurt the evil cosmos of Saga, and enabling the victory of the goddess Athena.

Originally created in the manga by Masami Kuramada in 1986 and adapted to anime by Toei Animation between 1986 and 1989, the show Saint Seiya tells the story of 5 mythic Bronze Saints that fight to protect the human reincarnation of the goddess Athena, wearing Sacred Cloths, based in many constellations. Already available for Pre-Order, presented on the Inside Iron Studios Day of September, check out the statue 'Pope Ares BDS - Saint Seiya - Art Scale 1:10', the first statue of the collection, with the Grand Master, revealed at CCXP 2022 and 'Cygnus Hyoga - Saint Seiya - Deluxe Art Scale 1:10'. You can check out more releases from this collection and much more soon.

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