Marvel: X-Men - Domino 1:10 Scale Statue - Iron Studios

Productnr.: ISMARCAS6002110

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Trusting her mutant gifts, without a shadow of a doubt, the black haired and white skinned hero jumps back, where in the middle of rocks, debris and steel beams, the remains of the demolished Mansion X, there is a big leather bean bag in the exact right spot, ready to cushion her fall. Dressed in a tactic combat suit, she shouts while she falls, aiming her pistols at her targets with a foolproof hit accuracy. Against all odds, Iron Studios present their statue 'Domino - X-Men - BDS Art Scale 1/10', with the mistress of her own luck, ally of the X-Men.

As a child, Neena Thurman was submitted to a secret government experience destined to create the perfect weapon. After her powers manifested, she became a mercenary for a while, gifted with an exceptional aim, enhanced agility and reflexes, and the peculiar ability to manipulate the odds on her favor, a different form of telekinesis in which subconsciously and psychologically she creates random kinetic phenomena, so that unlikable things (but not impossible) occur within her sight, seen only as 'luck' to her and her allies, or quite the opposite to her enemies, a phenomenon called 'probability field' activated in stressful situations. Partner, confidant and love interest of the mutant Cable, with whom she created the X-Force, militant group of the X-Men, her codename Domino is inspired by her white skin and the black spot in one of her eyes that resembles the piece of a dominoes game.

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