Marvel: X-Men vs Sentinel Nr 1 - 1:10 Scale Statue - Iron Studios

Marvel: X-Men vs Sentinel Nr 1 - 1:10 Scale Statue - Iron Studios

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Created by scientist Bolivar Trask, the Sentinels are giant robots built to capture and/or exterminate mutants. Among the biggest threats ever faced by X-Men in the Marvel universe, they have the ability to adapt to the powers of their targets. In the comics of the 1990s, X-Men # 1 by Chris Claremont and Jim Lee introduced the Blue team led by Cyclops and made up of Cyclops, Beast, Wolverine, Rogue, Jubilee, Psylocke and Gambit. Iron Studios Set X-Men Vs Sentinel # 1 Deluxe BDS Art Scale 1:10 presents part of the team fighting against a Sentinel that will form an epic diorama with two more sets and many individual charcters in a extremely detailed and amazing scene!

Limited edition.
Made in polystone.
Hand painted.
Includes Sentinel, Beast, Cyclops, Jubilee, Rogue and Wolverine.
Includes extra head for Cyclops with optic blast effect.
Includes extra hand for Wolverine with claw attack effect.

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