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Athena Asamiya is one of the characters in the game SNK Heroines: Tag Team Frenzy, a high school student and idol singer studying in Japan who fights with superpowers and Chinese boxing. As an infant, Athena was adopted by Zhen Yuan Zhai, a martial arts master who lived in seclusion on Mount Lu, and her childhood martial arts training coupled with her unusual superpowers led her to be regarded by Zhen Yuan Zhai as the best heir. Under her master's careful care, Asamiya grows up to be a sunny, cheerful and happy girl who loves to sing.

- Face: Athena Asamiya's face is made of skin-like texture PU, with glass prosthetic eyes and individually glued eyelashes for rich detail. The delicate makeup and sweet smile show off the idol's style and puts people in a great mood just by looking at her!

- Costume: the lapel buckle beads are transparent, the waistband buttons are made of metal, and the black stockings on the legs are made of real stocking fabric, which meticulously restores the real texture of the costume.

- Material: Silicone version except head, gloves, jewelry, clothing and shoes are platinum silicone material.

Limited to 99 pieces.

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Verwachte binnenkomst Q1 2025

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