Silent Hill 2: Maria 1:6 Scale Statue - Gecco Corps

Productnr.: GCO65068



The mysterious heroine, Maria, who resembles the protagonist James's late wife Mary is recreated as a 1:6 scale statue. In contrast to Mary, who lies on her sickbed, Maria creates a fascinating atmosphere. The lines of her waist and hips are faithfully captured to emphasise her glamour. The beautifully sculpted face even captures her strong-willed and selfish character. Every detail has been finely recreated, including the leopard print on her skirt and choker, and the tattoo on her belly. The base is made in the image of Rosewater Park, where Maria and James first meet. The right hand is interchangeable with a hand holding the gun, which appears in the sub scenario ''Born From A Wish.''

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