Museum Series: Coelophysis Bust Dry Gobi Version - Dam Toys

Productnr.: DAMMUS008B

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Coelophysis is a small, carnivorous, bipedal dinosaur in North America. It is one of the earliest known dinosaurs and the second to have entered space. The DAMTOYS Design team decided to present it through a bust during our research. For the visual image of the statue, we imagined the Coelophysis having just caught a prey in the woods since its favorite food is lizards. Having designed this on accurate basis, we likewise offer two colorways. Hope you like it!

Name: CoelophysisClassification: Coelurus bauriPeriod: Late Triassic PeriodDistribution: North AmericaDiet: CarnivorousSize: 2-3 m longWeight: 30-50 kg

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