Disney: 100th Anniversary - Master Craft Snow White Statue - Beast Kingdom

Productnr.: BKMC062

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Disney 100 Years of Wonder is a celebration for the ages. So many famous characters have graced our screens across the years and have brough joy to adults and children alike. One aspiring character from the earlier years of Disney and considered the first full-length animated feature is of course Snow White. A kind hearted princess, she is poisoned by an evil queen, falling into a deep sleep that could only be broken by a prince’s kiss!

The MasterCraft line of highly collectable statues by Beast Kingdom continues the Disney 100 Years of Wonder celebrations with the release of the MC-062 Snow White MasterCraft limited edition statue. Adorned in her classic blue and gold princess attire whilst listening to her favorite song bird, Snow White is the embodiment of elegance. The hand-painted sculpture brings to life all the elements of the cheerful character including a fantastic base, which features an apple and owl, symbolizing wisdom. Limited to only 3,000 pieces worldwide, this classic character should be collected and enjoyed by all fans!

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