Marvel: Spider-Man - Green Goblin 6 inch Action Figure - Beast Kingdom

Productnr.: BKEAA139



An infamous villain in the Marvel comics lore, and also featured in the original Spider-Man trilogy and also in the latest ‘No Way Home’ movie, Green Goblin is manic, fierce and an unstoppable force! Beast Kingdom’s 6-inch EAA (Egg Attack Action) figure brings to life the green menace in a highly articulable, stylized figure for collectors to enjoy.

The Green Goblin injects laughter and a crazed persona into a scary looking costume that strikes fear into his enemies! The EAA-139 action accurately recreates this with a fun yet demonic looking figure. Included are two replaceable head sculpts to show off, and a host of accessories including jet glider, missile launching effects, and three unique, signature pumpkin bombs. Using real cloth for the clothing and the shoulder bag, collectors will enjoy an accurate representation of Marvel’s famous villain.

Make sure this set accompanies the EAA Spider-Man collection by ordering yours from an official Beast Kingdom today!

Special features:
- EAA design, Green Goblin articulable figure
- Two (2) replaceable face sculpts (Regular, laughing)
- Three (3) pairs of replaceable hands (Open, fist, gripping)

- Three (3) types of pumpkin bombs, jet glider, missile launching effects
- Real cloth for clothing and bag
- Special, branded figure base with bracket

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