Marvel: Avengers Endgame - Iron Man Mark 49 Rescue Suit Action Figure - Beast Kingdom

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''We're going to be okay. You can rest now'' – Pepper Potts

With the launch of the MCU way back when Iron-Man just started to earn his stripes, Pepper Potts was a character that was present across the entire series right up until Avengers Endgame. Starting off as Tony Stark's assistant, it was befitting that she also finally got to join the Avengers with her own armored suit! The first female Iron Man suit, Mark-49 'Rescue', was developed by Tony Stark specifically for Pepper. Combining 'Nano-Technology' with a 'Floating Gun Drone', the sleek design is even more striking due to the new, champagne gold and blue color combination!

The EAA series of action figures under the Entertainment Experience Brand, 'Beast Kingdom', brings together all the amazing designs from the MCU into highly articulable 6-inch figures ready for any pose! The 'Iron Man Rescue Mark-49' continues this trend with a streamlined design, matched with LED's in the helmet and arc reactor as well as an exquisite champagne gold and blue colored armor bringing out the fierce, warrior like powers Pepper Potts had been hiding for all these years!
In addition, the host of accessories allows collectors to pose and prep the Mark-49 for any battle scene either with the separately sold EAA Iron Man Mark-85, or on her own! The included 'Floating Gun Drone', and 'Thrust Fire Effects' allows this figure to soar and bring destructive firepower down on Thanos and his minions! The separate replaceable Pepper Potts head sculpt also allows fans to recreation one of the famous scenes in the end where she comforts Tony Stark.

Make sure to add this EAA Mark-49 to your favorite MCU Egg Attack Action figure collection and assemble your very own Avengers today!

Special features:
- Iron Man Mark 49, with LED function in eyes and chest/arc reactor
- Two replaceable head sculpts, (fully closed helmet), (half open helmet, with Pepper Potts face)
- One pair of floating guns(Drone)
- Two pairs of replaceable hands (Fist), (Open Palms)
- Two small thrust fire effects (for Open Palms)
- One large thrust fire effect (for Floating Gun)
- One special, branded figure base

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