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'Come on Bruce you gotta work with me!', says Iron Man to the now uncontrollable Hulk.

Based on the Mark 44 version of Tony Stark's Iron Man Suite the Hulkbuster was created originally for the sole purpose of restraining the Hulk. With it's debut in Avengers 2: Age Of Ultron, the suite went on to be heavily feature in subsequent Avengers Movies! A modular armor kit sent remotely with the aid of the computer AI Veronica, the suite allows the original Iron Man to bulk up considerably giving Tony a much needed boost in pure strength!

Through popular demand, Beast Kingdom is excited to announce the release of the Egg Attack Action: Hulkbuster, giving fans their very own chance to take Hulk on a dual of titanic proportions. Standing at an impressive 8 inches in height, and with a highly articulable 20 joints of movement, this figure is ready to take on the challenge of any mantlepiece it is posed on!

In addition to the highly detailed battle damaged paint work of the armor, the eyes, chest, palms and calves as well as the back propellers are all equipped with LED lighting, giving the figure a highly collectable range of features, extra MK43 head hidden under the Hulkbuster head gives collectors the chance to show off Ironman just like in the movie! Don't miss your chance of taking home this gargantuan figure today!

Special features:

Based on the designs seen in The Avengers 2: Age Of Ultron
- 8 inches in height, with 20 movable joints.
- Three replaceable hands, with light up chest, calves, eyes and back.
- Removable helmet with a MEA MK43 head inside.
- Includes one plasma shock add-ons.

- One impact plasma shock add-ons
- One pair of clenched hands
- One pair of relaxed hands
- One pair of attack hands

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