Disney: Toy Story PVC Diorama - Beast Kingdom

Productnr.: BKDS007



Woody and Buzz are at it again! This Toy Story D-Select Series DS-007 6-Inch Statue depicts Woody maneuvering a remote control car, with Squeeze Toy Aliens and Buzz Lightyear ready to launch into space.

Exquisite details to all figures make these characters come to life, complete with detailed character expressions and postures. Coupled with vibrant painting, this diorama features the perfect integration between the setting and the characters to create yet another tale for this beloved cast from Toy Story!

Special features:
- 6 inches tall, perfectly recreates scenes from the movies
- Detailed exterior, professionally painted
- Comes with its own logo tag and special platform

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Verwachte binnenkomst Q2 2022

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