Disney Master Craft Statues 2-Pack The Lion King Little Simba & Zazu 31 cm - Beast Kingdom

Productnr.: BKDMC-092



Oh, young master, one day you will be king!

Remember Zazu, the advisor and sidekick to Mufasa and Simba in the classic Disney animation ''The Lion King''? Beast Kingdom has finely recreated this unforgettable character in their Master Craft series. Emphasizing Zazu's proud and honorable expression, the statue features a multi-layered paint job highlighting his large beak and vibrant feathers. Zazu is perched on a tree stump just like in the animation, perfectly complementing the ''MC-012 The Lion King Master Craft Simba'' statue.

If you missed the chance to get the ''MC-012 The Lion King Master Craft Simba'' before, now you can get the special combo set featuring ''MC-092 The Lion King Master Craft Little Simba & Zazu,'' completing your memorable Lion King statue collection.

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