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"During a time when comic books were on the brink of declining in popularity, the superhero TV series ""Batman"" starring Adam West had a significant impact by increasing the sales of Batman comics, and eventually became one of the classic TV series in the DC Comics franchise. To honor the first generation of Batman, the entertainment brand ""Beast Kingdom"" has released two main characters, ""Batman"" and ""Robin,"" from the ""Batman TV series"" in their D.A.H. (Dynamic 8ction Heroes) series. Let's revisit the humor-filled Batman TV series together!

The ""DAH-081 Batman TV Series Robin"" figure boasts approximately 18 points of articulation, making it highly poseable. It comes complete with a classic TV drama green and orange costume made of real fabric and a golden cape. The super realistic Robin head sculpture and the inclusion of classic series props, such as handcuffs, Robin's walkie-talkie, and up to five different interchangeable hand shapes, further enhance the figure's playability. Collect both ""Batman"" and ""Robin"" figures to create your own ""Batman TV Series"" mini theater!

"" DAH-081 Batman TV Serirs Robin"" includes:
- DAH-exclusive slim body, with approximately 18 movable joints throughout the body
- Realistically sculpted Robin head sculpture
- 5 types of interchangeable hand shapes (fist, open, sword pointing, holding object, karate chop)
- Accessories: Handcuffs, Walkie-talkie.
- Clothing made of fabric material"

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